As the world gets more Hi-tech, and innovations get a notch higher with as many eye catching strides in bettering research studies –it has introduced digital research. Imagine a situation of collecting data from about 5000 respondents with questionnaires of about 8 pages each, and how huge the load would be However all this has now been addressed by KRC-as it has found a long lasting and an easy method for the collection of research data. This has simplified work and made data analysis faster and accurate. The KOBOTOOL Box, an open source (free) application which KRC is using to collect data using smart phones, tablets or computers by researchers is now the solution. An application called kobo collect is installed on smart phones and e-questionnaires downloaded on to the app from set up account (server). The pilot research for this electronic data collection was the farmer’s survey that KRC did in the districts of Kasese, Kabarole, Bundibugyo and Kyenjojo. The system managed to capture a total number of 1,085 respondents. Having noticed the enormous advantages of using the methodology, KRC has again deployed it in another research project commissioned in partnership with World Food Program and Samaritan Purse. The baseline survey for a livelihood support project is being carried out in Rwamwanja refugee camp and the host community (Kamwenge District). This is intended to capture about 400 respondents. KRC intends to use these smart phones for most of the upcoming researches since the pilot has been a success. The KRC 102 FM survey is next. The IT Department is in final processes of installing the tool on KRC staff personal phones, as well. Quite a number of advantages are associated to this electronic data collection and some include;Faster to administer due its skip logic mechanism of irrelevant questions to particular respondents, minimized errors due to the validation mechanisms, cost friendly in the long run and no need to re-enter data for analysis as it would have been for the hard copy questionnaires. Data is immediately downloaded from the server and transferred to any data analysis programs.. This is a great step KRC has gone and is headed to greater and more accurate data collection in the future.


Author: YosiaBaluku

Category: KRC Newsletter

Publish Date: 2016-02-12

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