Maombi Leticia is a care group volunteer and mother of 3 children under 5 years of age. She is a resident of Byabakora 6 in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in Kyegegwa District.

She is a participant in KRC Uganda’s care group model where she meets with the nutrition project staff for training on health and nutrition promotion message that serves to promote community adherence to nutritional behaviour change. Maombi had reluctantly given-up breastfeeding as a result of concealing painful breasts.

When KRC Uganda introduced Maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding (MIYCF) counselling to deepen to deepen mothers’ health and nutrition knowledge in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Maomi was enrolled into the Care Group in Byabakora. She was selected to lead the care group based on the good recommendation from her community members. She then started meeting with the KRC Nutrition Project team for mentorship in health and nutrition practices and community behaviour change initiatives.




I never breastfed my first and second born child because of swollen, wounded and painful breasts. Whenever I could try to put the baby on the breast-to-breast feed, it was always a very painful experience, and there was no any breast milk flow. So, I lost hope and I had it in my mind that I will never breastfeed any of my children because of these challenges which I deemed none solvable. I was living a stressful life because of failure to breastfeed my own children.


It was during the course of a session on breastfeeding practices that I revealed to the Community Based Facilitator (CBF), Israel Magadjo about my challenges on breastfeeding.  The CBF taught me how to position and attach my baby on the breast during breast feeding, advised me to frequently breastfeed my baby and to feed on a variety of locally available foods to produce enough milk for the baby.  I was also advised by the CBF to go to Byabakora Health Outpost to seek medical treatment for the wounded breasts.


When I gave birth to my third born baby, I put into practice what the CBF taught me, I did not feel any pain, my breasts were normal without any wound and I had a lot of breastmilk for my baby to breastfeed on. My third born is so lively and healthy compared to the first and second born. In fact, am the happiest mother around, very confident and passionate about breastfeeding and I am helping neighbour women experiencing the similar challenges, based on my past experience.  Thanks to KRC Uganda which has extended such great services to Byabakora zone through the care group model.




Title: Success story: Maombi overcomes breastfeeding challenges through mentorship in health and nutrition practices

Author: By Kauda Sharon, Nutrition Project Assistant, KRC Uganda

Category: Nutrion and food systems.

Publish Date: 2022-03-30

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