Kabarole Research and Resource Centre in partnership with Broederlijk Delen is implementing a sustainable family farming programme in Kabarole, Kasese and Bunyangabu Districts with the aim of improving sustainability and resilience of family farms using agro ecologic practices.

KRC reaches out to family farmers through the agricultural extension approach; trains and mentors them in good agronomic practices such as soil and water conservation methods, agroforestry, farm diversity (intercropping and livestock) to ensure environmental conservation and regenerating degraded ecosystems. Similarly, KRC promotes agro-ecology as a concept for sustainable and resilient farming due to its cost effectiveness, efficiency and to expand green jobs opportunities for young people.

Farmers learn best when exposed to new technics, innovations and technologizes on farms through knowledge and experience sharing amongst themselves. As such, learning exchanges have been conducted for farmers to learner from their peers who have already embraced the practices in Kasenda Sub County, Kasenda Town Council and Rutete Sub County with an objective of exposing farmers to good examples of diversified, sustainable and resilient agro-ecological farms for them to learn and copy the good practices back on their farms.

From continuous engagement with the farmers, KRC observes the need for organically manufactured agro-chemicals that boost soil fertility that are easy to use and are locally available to the farmers. In order to address this need, KRC has partnered with the private sector in the organic agro-inputs sub-sector to be able to link the farmers to the recommended products.

KRC has already partnered with Vermipro Limited, a company that manufactures and supplies organic agro ecological products. However, prior to recommending its products to the farmers, KRC performed an on farm adaptive research on Vermipro products to assess the efficacy of the products. Once the results are positive, they will be recommended to the farmers for use on their farms.

Tags: Agroecology, Family Farming, Agriculture Extension, Broederlijk Delen, Ille De Paix

Title: Promoting resilient agro-ecological practices for improved household food security and incomes

Author: By: Moses Akugizibwe- KRC Extension Officer

Category: KRC Newsletter

Publish Date: 2021-07-30

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