The ACE One cook stove is a product of Africa Clean Energy being promoted by KRC and CARE International in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement under the Solar Powered Energy Efficient Stoves (PROSPERS) consortium.

The ACE One cook stove is a technological solution to deprived access to efficient and clean energy for households. The PROSEPERS project targets refugee and host communities who move long distances and spend valuable time while collecting firewood. Often girls and women are encounter a number of risks to Gender based Violence (GBV), including rape and sexual assault.

Prior to the launching of the ACE One stove, a testing the new technology was carried out with selected households in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement to evaluate its reliability and performance prior to its mass distribution.

One selected community member Mrs. Koojo Josephine from an existing VSLA in Kyangwali Refugee settlement was identified to use and have an experience of using the ACE One stove for one week using the locally available biomass fuels such as Briquettes, small pieces of dry firewood, charcoal, and briquette made from saw dust.

After a week, the 41-year-old Koojo, a widow mother of three and a refugee from South Sudan shared her story.

My major challenge in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement is access to firewood for cooking. I have to move 4-5 kilometres to get firewood from Bugoma forest or from plantations surrounding the settlement but as women and girls, we face so much abuse whenever we go to the forest to collect firewood. The forest wardens at times refuse us from accessing the forest and they threaten to beat us and in fact some women in the past were sexually abused while collecting firewood. I have been using charcoal stoves that consume a lot of charcoal, spending over 35,000/= every after 3 weeks. When I was given an opportunity to pre-test the ACE One stove by the KRC Environment and Energy Officer, I started using the stove as I was guided during the training on its efficiency. In the last 5 days, I only used half a basin of charcoal and I feel I have significantly reduced expenditure on charcoal since I have been able to cook with a mix of various energy sources, including firewood, charcoal and briquettes. I bought 3 kilograms of briquettes from Weka Hakiba VSLA group at 3,000/= and the briquettes cooked for longer time than I expected and I was able to save fuel.  I already like ACE One stove and I want to enrol to be one of its beneficiaries. While I was using the ACE One stove, my neighbours too were able to come and learn how to use it. I have since stopped collecting firewood from the forest and now using small quantities of briquettes to cook using ACE One stove.

One more interesting thing I liked on the stove was the fact that it cooks fast, does not produce smoke and my cooking utensils remain clean. It’s also very good as I can cook while charging my phone and providing light in the absence of electricity. Thanks to KRC”.

The PROSPERS project is implemented with the overall objective of promoting access to Solar Powered Energy efficient stoves across 700 households in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement and in the host community.

Title: ACE One cook stove poised to improve access to clean

Author: Okeng Alfred

Category: KRC Past Researches

Publish Date: 2021-10-06

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