Environment and Energy

We promote efficient utilization and management of natural resources, energy and environment with full participation of communities, refugees, private sector, NGOs and government institutions for an inclusive green economy. We specifically promote efficient energy cooking stoves, solar energy and briquette production and utilization and tree growing.

Charcoal Briquettes

We mitigate climate change and improve local livelihoods by enabling household and institutional transition from dependence on wood-based biomass energy (fuel wood and charcoal). We train communities in briquette making and provide the machinery for charcoal production.

Energy Effecient Cookstove.

We promote adoption of fuel-efficient cookstoves designed primarily to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, thereby saving fuel and reducing pressure on forest resources. For countless households that rely on wood-based biomass energy (fuel wood and charcoal), fuel-efficient cookstoves can reduce fuel use by 20–50 percent relative to the three-stone open fires. 


At our Kigarale Eco-Farm, we promote forestry as a sustainable option for marginal lands with the aim of offering economic, environmental and societal benefits. Kigarale Farm is a 30-acre farm in the locale of a degraded environment. Other forestry initiatives have targeted to restore degraded slopes of the Rwenzori in Kasese District.

DRDIP is a World Bank funded project implemented under the Office of the Prime Minister. KRC Uganda implements the access to energy sub component with the aim of alleviating the negative environmental and economic impacts by improving economic opportunities for refugees and host communities.

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