The food and agribusiness program facilitates farmers to use available resources to improve their livelihoods. Program facilitates small holder farmers including refugees with knowledge, skills and financial resources for sustainable transformation from subsistence to market-oriented production.

This project is an initiative of KRC Uganda, Health food africa and hivos that creates space for mainsteam actors and frontrunners to meet and shape green and fair food systems. the main goal of our food system lab is to influence sustainable, resilient and equitable production and consumption of diverse, nutritious and safe food for all.

This project is a 5 year (2022-2026) partnership with SOS Faim  to strengthen farmer owned financial institutions to effectively respond to marketing and social needs of the family farming households using a sustainable Agro-ecological business model. 


Bio4Africa is a consortium of 13 African and 12 EU partners funded by the European Union, working in a solid multi-actor engagement to co-develop novel sustainable value chains in agriculture and other areas, to safeguard agronomic, environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Extention Services

KRC extension workers support  farm families organised in their associations to transfer skills in good agricultural practices (GAPS) through on-farm demonstrations, mentoring groups to streamline governance and facilitate linkages with agriculture market system actors.

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